Business Programs and Savings

Energy Efficiency

One way to ensure reliable and affordable electricity is by offering solutions that encourage efficient use.

Energy efficiency benefits everyone.

  • Investing in energy efficiency helps us grow a more sustainable energy future for our region, ensuring reliable electricity for generations to come.
  • Energy efficiency programs help keep energy costs low for everyone, regardless of direct participation.
  • We continue to keep cost low and spend efficiently. For each dollar our company spends on energy efficiency a $2.58 benefit is seen by customers.
  • Boosts economic development by allowing energy savings dollars to be invested elsewhere

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Demand Response

Participants in Evergy’s Demand Response Incentive program can receive incentives by strategically reducing energy use on peak days. Companies that can reduce their load by a minimum of 25 kilowatts can volunteer for our load-management program and earn a significant discount on summer energy bills. Controlling energy usage on peak summer days reduces the overall burden on the grid. This benefits all our customers in several ways:

  • Delaying the necessity of building more power generation plants
  • Creating savings that reduce future rate increases
  • Supporting the local economy by paying companies that participate instead of purchasing power from an out-of-state producer
  • Reducing environmental impact, because the greenest kilowatt is the kilowatt never produced

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Thinking about electrification? Evergy can help unlock the value of electrification through innovative initiatives that complement our industry-leading portfolio of sustainable, customer-centric energy solutions. We have product specialists ready to help you explore the transition of on- and off-road vehicles to electric as well as electric building and production technologies. Contact us at

Energy Portfolio and Rates
We have rates and infrastructure that support electric vehicle ownership for residential and business customers.

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